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Update on HPV!

As a follow-up story to an earlier post on HPV, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has finally officially recommended that both girls and boys be vaccinated against HPV.

The new recommendation will likely be met with significant controversy, as is par for the course, because many of the cancers that met become afflicted with due to the HPV virus, are more common among homosexual men. This fact will likely dissuade Republican politicians further against the vaccine, which they already do not endorse. The recommendation, however, may be in response to the recent findings that cases of throat and mouth cancers due to HPV will likely surpass cases of genital cancer by 2020 – suggesting that women and men are contracting the virus through oral sexual activity. Continue reading


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Where’s the Grief?

I suspect many of us learned about Steve Jobs’ death in the same way: checking Facebook on our Macs or iPhones to procrastinate from doing work.  I read a Facebook status to the effect of “RIP Steve” and immediately went to the New York Times to read the prepared obituary.  After I finished I returned to the Times homepage and opened a new tab to go back to Facebook.  I was shocked to see the enormous outpouring of grief on Facebook and on the Times’ homepage selection of reader submissions and memories.  After all I doubt that any of my Facebook friends actually met Steve Jobs or were ever in the same room as him.  Why were people so emotional over the death of a man they did not know? Continue reading

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