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Standardized Testing for Presidential Candidates

Standardized testing has become a fact of life for students. To get accepted to Wes, we all took SATs and SAT IIs or ACTs and often AP tests or IB tests, not to mention an alphabet soup of state specific tests. Seniors preparing for further academic work are studying for or taking their GREs or LSATs or MCATs. These are not all that admissions offices look at – they are weighed alongside recommendations, grades, interviews, personal statements and more – but they provide one gauge of an applicant’s ability and readiness for school. After following the last few months of presidential primary season and attempting to prepare myself for the upcoming year of elections (yes, really, there’s another 11 months of this), I am increasingly of the opinion that we need to create another test, which I have provisionally named the PC GIT, or Presidential Candidate’s General Information Test.

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Update on HPV!

As a follow-up story to an earlier post on HPV, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has finally officially recommended that both girls and boys be vaccinated against HPV.

The new recommendation will likely be met with significant controversy, as is par for the course, because many of the cancers that met become afflicted with due to the HPV virus, are more common among homosexual men. This fact will likely dissuade Republican politicians further against the vaccine, which they already do not endorse. The recommendation, however, may be in response to the recent findings that cases of throat and mouth cancers due to HPV will likely surpass cases of genital cancer by 2020 – suggesting that women and men are contracting the virus through oral sexual activity. Continue reading

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More Reason for the HPV Vaccine

On Monday, researchers reported findings that suggest that throat cancer cases have increased dramatically in the United States over the last 5-10 years. The study suggests that many of the new cases of throat cancer have developed because of HPV virus transmission during oral sex. Though noted for its risk of causing cervical cancers, HPV is often overlooked for its chances of causing throat and tonsil cancers. But the studies released Monday, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, suggest that at the rate the virus is developing now, cases of throat cancer will surpass cases of cervical cancer caused by HPV by 2020. Continue reading

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When Drug Costs Become Prohibitive

It is a long accepted fact in the United States that drug companies are the most profitable business in the country  – bringing in well over 640 billion dollars each year. It is also accepted, though not as widely spoken about, that the cost of researching and developing life-saving medications is very high. Oftentimes conversations about drug company earnings go without proper acknowledgement of this fact. And yet recently, new studies and the release of increasingly advanced medications has once again raised concerns that the price of drugs – especially those developed to ease the symptoms of prolonged diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, and HIV – may be so high that Americans coping with the diseases will be denied access to the medications. Continue reading

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Welcome to WesRoosevelt!

Wesleyan’s chapter of the Roosevelt Institute welcomes you to the new WesRoosevelt blog — the premier place for news, politics, and opinions for Wesleyan students.

What is the Roosevelt Institute, you ask? From the national website:

The Roosevelt Institute is a nonprofit organization devoted to carrying forward the legacy and values of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt by developing progressive ideas and bold leadership in the service of restoring America’s health and security.

WesRoosevelt’s main on-campus features are weekly “fire-side chats” to discuss current political events. This last semester, WesRoosevelt held discussions on everything from the Arab Spring to the death of Osama bin Laden. These discussions aim to be stimulating, engaging, and open to all. This year, WesRoosevelt will also be maintaining this shiny, new blog for your reading pleasure.

Any questions? Want to write for the blog? Want to attend meetings? Email!

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