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“This is what hope looks like.” -Tim DeChristopher

Today it was decided that Tim DeChristopher, a climate activist I’ve seen speak twice at Wesleyan, is going to prison for disrupting an illegal government auction of public land to private oil and gas companies. He went to the auction, which he knew to be unlawful and inevitably destructive, pretended to be a bidder, and proceeded to jack up the prices for oil executives trying to lease government land. He won 14 bids. His actions forced the Bureau of Land Management to admit that they’d held an illegal auction and to cancel all leases (the auction was during December of 2008, a parting gift from the Bush administration to the oil industry). He essentially conducted nonviolent protest of a very creative sort.
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Breaking: Did Obama Just Endorse Gay Marriage?

Happening now is President Obama’s first news conference since March. Amidst interesting thoughts on Afghanistan and the civil war in Libya, Obama spoke on gay rights — and got perhaps the closest he has gotten to explicitly supporting same-sex marriage. Continue reading

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