Oh, Rick Scott.

Governor Rick Scott (R-FL) ran a successful campaign with the motto “Let’s Get to Work” in a state whose unemployment rate is higher than the national average. Throughout the campaign, he promised he would create 700,000 jobs in addition to state economists’ forecasts for a natural growth of 1 million jobs. As it turns out, he was just kidding. This indifference towards people in need isn’t surprising, coming as it is from the man who made his millions in the fraudulent for-profit hospital business. 

When confronted about his sudden shift from promising 1.7 million jobs to 700,000 jobs, Scott backpedaled incredibly, fixing the camera with his unblinking reptilian eyeballs and blurting, “I don’t know who said that.” On Thursday he was called out by a conservative radio program, of all things, that mentioned a video in which Scott promised 700,000 jobs in addition to natural growth. The St. Petersburg Times reports that during a debate last October “when a questioner noted that would mean creating about 1.7 million jobs, when only about 1 million Floridians were currently unemployed, Scott answered: ‘We’re going to grow the state.'”

Thus far, Scott has declined $2.4 billion in federal high-speed rail funds that would have created 24,000 jobs and has bragged about firing 15,000 government employees.  And recently, he seems to want to decline the $7.5 billion that Obama’s jobs plan would give to Florida for schools, roads, and support for 60,000 jobs.  Scott’s disinclination to provide support for the public sector is an affront to the vast majority of his state and doesn’t mesh with his campaign promise of jobs, jobs jobs.  At least his math skills reflect the quality of a Florida public school education.


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  1. George Klingbeil

    That’s pretty good writin’ for a graduate of a Florida public school. You musta’ studied anthropology.

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