Breaking: Did Obama Just Endorse Gay Marriage?

Happening now is President Obama’s first news conference since March. Amidst interesting thoughts on Afghanistan and the civil war in Libya, Obama spoke on gay rights — and got perhaps the closest he has gotten to explicitly supporting same-sex marriage.

Obama (virtually just now) said gays are our friends and neighbors and should be treated like every other American. But mere days after New York state legalized same-sex marriage, the president fell short of endorsing same-sex nuptials completely. He did call the New York decision “a good thing,” happy with how constituents and lawmakers debated their views and collectively arrived at a decision. The president said it is the job of individual states to come to their own conclusions, but he is happy to be moving towards “greater equality.” Obama also defended his record thus far, including repealing the prohibition on openly gay people serving in the military.

The president, who supports civil unions, has said his views on gay marriage are “evolving”; Obama, however, is evidently not quite ready to announce a new position.


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